Clarke Instruments launch new range of security rated turnstiles at the international security Expo

We will be exhibiting at the UK Security Expo 28th to 29th November stand No: K82 and will be promoting the recently accredited security turnstiles in addition to other quality products.



We at Clarke Instruments are extremely pleased to build on our reputation for delivering robust reliable long-lived products in the area of control of access.

We are excited to announce the introduction of a completely new range of turnstiles aimed at the secure facilities market.

Our 1491 range of turnstiles have been fully approved tested and accredited by BRE.




Our product range consist of single and double turnstiles at SR1, SR2 and SR3

We are the only company at present to have turnstiles tested and meeting the latest stringent LPCA approval to LPS1175: Issue 7 for varying forcible attack ratings  





The single turnstiles have a range of rotor options available while the double versions are only available with straight bar rotors.

We decided to include the double turnstiles up to SR3. This design allows 2 walkways in a single standard fence panel thus saving both time and money on the products and cost of installation.



The SR4 model has a hooped paddle bar rotor.

With an SR4 turnstile available in a single style only.

We also have a turnstile that has passed this stringent testing process for SR5. This has not however been documented for accreditation purposes.

Being an agile UK manufacturing company, we are equally happy to provide standard products or work with you to come up with the solution you need.

We can offer a supply only or supply and install service. We can also offer full maintenance and repair contracts if required.


Please feel free to come along to the show to find out more about how we at Clarke Instruments can solve you control of Access requirements. STAND No: K82

Full details of our standard products can be found at

World Leading Pharmaceutical Company chooses Clarke Instruments again

Following on from the success of the last project, we were called in to help resolve issues at another facility.

The Company’s premises backed onto public access land: the requirement was for a secure turnstile enabling staff to access the land whilst preventing the public from gaining access to the site.

After in depth meetings to discuss the client’s requirements it was decided to use our 480B-200 turnstile. This was slightly modified to reduce gaps in the rotor arms.  It was also a customer requirement for a large specially designed rain cover to be fitted, with a light sensor to switch on down lights during the darker mornings and evenings in winter.

Once the design was agreed and orders signed it was a quick and seamless journey to manufacture the turnstiles and ancillary equipment.

This was a supply and install contract. One of the key criteria being the work needed to be carried out over two weekends. It was imperative that on the first weekend both existing entry points were removed and one of the turnstiles be up and running for the Monday morning. The 2nd entry point needed a lot of civil works done to facilitate the installation of the 2nd turnstile. Our installation department liaised with the project manager to ascertain a time scale for when the required civils works would be completed to enable us to get on site to carry out the installation of the 2nd turnstile as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Some of the key reasons for choosing Clarke Instruments were:

  • Project management: our flexibility and willingness to work with the client to interpret his needs.
  • A cost effective solution.
  • The Proven Robustness Quality and longevity of the Clarke Instruments Product.
  • The flexibility of the control board supplied with the Clarke Instruments product facilitating the seamless integration of the client’s chosen access control readers.
  • The fire safety relay: this was linked directly into the client’s safety systems.
  • The ability to set up the turnstile to fail lock for entry but remain fail open for exit in emergency situations.

We look forward to working with this world leading company again in the near future.

For further details of our products and services please ring Paul Kennedy on 01722 323451 or contact

Clarke Instruments Ltd win a large order for custom designed electric releases

We have secured a repeat order for custom designed electric releases for a long standing customer.

The brief from the client was to develop a stronger more reliable product, to match their night mortice dead locks.

We based the design around our 903 release which has proven itself in the field for over 35 years with some devices still in operation. When tested against the client’s old product we also found we had at least three times the holding strength. This more than matched the client’s expectations.

This again demonstrates our ability to produce a bespoke solution that meets all of the security requirements of the client, while keeping within their budgetary constraints.

If you take security seriously, you will be delighted with our products.

Send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451.

Export order won

Clarke instruments has just completed an export order for its world renowned custodial releases.

Working closely with our client the 9842 releases were used in the door sets for a major middle eastern development. This is a 12Vdc fail lock device with sensing

The brief from the end user was simple. They wanted:

The strongest

Most Reliable

Long lived

Proven product available.

The 984 range of releases can withstand up to 1900Kn of force and has a well-established track record, having been in service for over 30 years, with some of the original locks still in operation.

For full details of this device please follow the link to the 984 product page.

All our releases are built to the same exacting standards and offer great value for money considering the strength and reliability they give.

For more information on our products and services send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451 to discuss your requirements further.

Being a lean UK manufacturing company we are equally happy to supply standard products or work with you to develop a product to meet your exact requirements

Working together with suppliers

Clarke Instruments was contacted by one of its suppliers of speed gates and lanes. They had been asked to supply a number of internal products but their client needed a heavy-duty stainless steel gate for an external application.

We were invited to look at the problem and propose a suitable solution. We decided that our 184 style half height heavy-duty pedestrian gate was right and offered it to our customer.

This comes fitted with a mechanical self-closer and an R842 Mag lock with a holding force in excess of 1200lb.

The power supply is fitted remotely away from the gate, a requirement of the end customer.

The whole process from order to delivery was achieved in around two weeks: Another satisfied customer and proof that collaboration works.

If you have any security requirements in regard to control of access please give us a call. Our reputation for supplying long lived high quality products at realistic prices goes before us. Being an agile manufacturing company we are equally happy to supply standard products or work with you to get the solution that meets your requirements.

Full details of our range of products can be found here.

We take your security seriously and with almost 50 years’ experience we feel sure we can help.

For more information on our products and services send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451 to discuss your requirements further.

Sustainable cycle gates for a green future by Clarke Instruments Ltd

One of the UKs major convenience food suppliers turned to Clarke Instruments Ltd to help support its green initiative programme

Our customer’s goal was to support and encourage the cycle to work schemes while maintaining safety and security at its Hull based facility. Ground loops at the main vehicle entrance could not detect bicycles, causing difficulties for cyclists, who could not use the ground loop for exit facility. Neither could they benefit from ground loop inhibits: an unacceptable safety risk. The customer needed another solution.

Clarke Instruments solved the dilemma with their well-established 481-200 cycle turnstile. This product incorporates a standard bi-directional pedestrian turnstile coupled with a bi-directional motorised cycle gate which works in conjunction with the turnstile.

An authorized person will approach and release the turnstile with their standard access control. Then if they have a bicycle they can release the cycle gate to progress through with their cycle.

The bi-directional cycle gate (which is motorised) cannot be operated without the turnstile being authorized.

The turnstile can be factory configured to fail open or fail locked in either direction. It also includes safety features such as a fire alarm interface which can be used for free wheel exit (and/ or entry) in case of fire. Safety photo cells on both sides will stop the cycle gate if a beam is broken.

This solution exceeded the company’s requirements: In addition they were suitably impressed with the sustainability of the product. They were able to substantiate this by visiting an existing installation in the area, which had been well maintained by our service engineers and had been in operation for over ten years.

Pre- Galvanising of the 481-200 exposed frames prior to powder coating increases the life expectancy of the unit to between ten and fifteen years, longer after a mid-life refurbishment.

If you are looking to encourage green transport to work schemes and are worried about security let us alleviate your concerns. Full details of all our products are available here.

For more information on our products and services send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451 to discuss your requirements further.

Is Tail Gating a problem for your business?

Clarke Instruments has recently installed another double stainless-steel turnstile in a south coast food manufacturer’s facility.

The customer relies heavily on agency workers to cover peak periods and holiday periods. Although they had access control equipment fitted for monitoring time and attendance and to provide an accurate record of site personnel at any one time, workers had started coming in in groups, one person swiping their card to release the entrance doors for all members of the group to walk through. This posed security and health and safety concerns.

The Company contacted us to discuss possible solutions. A telephone call lead to a site survey and it was decided to remove the entrance doors causing the problem and replace them with a double turnstile. Being a food facility, stainless steel was proposed and this recommendation was accepted by the company. Using their existing access control, the turnstile was configured one walkway for entry and one walk way for exit. In the event of fire or power failure both walkways would free wheel for exit. This was easily accomplished with our standard built in fire alarm relay and a spur from their access control linked to the standard in built auxiliary power supply.

An order was placed for us to supply and install on a strict time schedule of 6 weeks. Due to the limited size of the external entrance the turnstile was delivered in a flat pack format on the agreed date and was erected and commissioned on the same day.

We are immensely proud of our reputation of supplying robust reliable long-lived products at very realistic prices.

If you take security seriously come and discuss your requirements with us. You won’t be disappointed. Full details of all our products are available here.

For more information on our products and services send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451 to discuss your requirements further.

Scottish Bank Chooses Clarke Instruments to secure their Premises

A major Scottish Banking Group has turned to the Clarke instruments type 474 turnstile to secure their premises, enhancing control and monitoring of staff.

The 474 is a full height turnstile ideally suited to applications where a higher degree of security is needed. The full canopy design inhibits climbing. This is made even more difficult for would be intruders when installed flush in the fence line. If required rotor spikes can be added for additional security.

The turnstile comes with a fully integrated fire alarm relay as standard as well as an auxiliary power supply to drive any access control equipment required.

Normally supplied with a powder coated finish, we have seen increasing demand for stainless steel versions especially where environmental conditions are harsh or an aesthetically pleasing finish is required for an internal application. We at Clarke Instruments are committed to providing robust well engineered products that are both reliable and long lived and at realistic prices: a winning formula!

We are also able to offer a full maintenance package and a supply and install option if desired.

If you take security seriously come and discuss your requirements with us. You won’t be disappointed. Full details of all our products are available at

For more information on our products and services send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451 to discuss your requirements further.

Major food preparation supplier chooses Clarke Instruments.

We at Clarke Instruments have been working with a major food preparation company based in the West Country. They decided to re-evaluate their perimeter security.

They were having tail gating problems and with their peak period, Christmas, looming and the consequent heavy reliance on temporary and agency staff they felt a need to do something to improve perimeter security.

After initial discussions and a site survey they decided on the ever popular and rugged 480A-209 double turnstile. This could be used effectively to establish tighter controls on entering and exiting the site. The turnstile which is bi-directional on both walkways in normal operation was ideal, given the volume of people entering and exiting. The Customer also took advantage of the built-in fire alarm relay and auxiliary power supply to power their own bio-metric controls.

As this is one of our most popular products we were able to supply from stock so from order to delivery and installation was complete in under 2 weeks.

Another satisfied customer and a promise to use us in future developments.

If you need standard or bespoke products let us help you with the solution.

For more information on our products and services send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451 to discuss your requirements further.