Solar Powered Turnstile on show at Traffex 2017

Clarke Instruments in collaboration with Solar & Electric Gates Ltd have developed a Solar Powered Turnstile. The engineers from both companies have worked closely together to develop the new design based around:-

  • Clarke Instruments Ltd robust 480B economy fence-line turnstile.
  • Solar & Electric Gates Ltd solar panels.
  • Paxton proximity cards.

The integrated solution has many benefits and can handle up to 5,000 users.

This elegant design has been developed for Rapid Deployment and comes complete with access control. It is suitable for: –

  • Temporary construction sites
  • Remote sites
  • Permanent construction sites without a reliable power source
  • Emergency security requirements

This design concept enables the delivery of the turnstile inclusive of a freestanding galvanised tread plate to which it is permanently fixed, so it can be placed on a flat level surface and is ready to use. This eliminates the normal building site infra structure costs associated with installing turnstiles on the fence-line: no mains electricity!

It has the added advantage of flexibility enabling the rapid redeployment of turnstiles if for any reason the fence line entrance needs moving during the project. Simply lift on a fork lift and relocate.

Incorporated into the solution is a standby battery and solar panel combination designed for unlimited use in normal British weather. The trickle charge from the solar panel should keep the battery topped up. If needed, the battery can be charged quickly from a 240V AC supply. The product is ready to use straight out of storage.

Be amongst the first to see this Turnstile by visiting us on the Solar and electric Gates Ltd stand J74 at Traffex 2017 running from the 4th to 6th April at Birmingham NEC

For full details of this exciting new development please visit our web site:-

For more information and pricing please contact Paul Kennedy: – or 01722 323451

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