Executive security company turns to Clarke Instruments again

After several years, our customer turned to us for another set of customised electric releases requiring a quality brass finish in all respects for one of their prestigious customers. Every door tells a different story as the brass lead in plates are all made to measure and are therefore of different lengths.

Our 960 range of electric releases is the base design for the customised product. With brass face plates and latch blocks instead of steel, the end result has a quality brass finish, which is aesthetically pleasing: ideal for historic buildings.

The 960, which withstands 7Kn of force, meets our the clients criteria for robustness, reliability and longevity.

Being an agile manufacturing company our technical department was able to work closely with the client based in Oxford to make certain each individual release was designed and matched to the required drawings of the individual doors.

This was then passed to our factory where our highly trained manufacturing division worked out the easiest and most efficient way to complete the order to meet the customer’s specification: Both on time and within budget.

So, if you take security seriously and have a bespoke or standard requirement, we would like to hear from you.

For more information on our products and services send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451 to discuss your requirements further.

New barrier design leads to new orders

A short while ago we were contacted by an existing client, a major steel manufacturer who commissioned us to design an innovative road barrier.  Innovation was required as the barrier was to be installed in a location where there were height restrictions and the dimensions of the area meant a conventional barrier was unsuitable. Our client requested a cranked arm barrier which folded to the side to maximise head room in a confined space. Added to this, the barrier had to be fitted under a crane gantry.

The challenge was to design a barrier folding as shown in the picture above.  Due to the high volume of traffic using this plant, it was decided to base the design on our established medium duty 660 barrier.

Our design engineers tackled the challenge with their usual dedication, resulting in a cost effective cranked arm design which included a modified program for the controller. The concept was agreed with the client’s project team and we duly manufactured a bespoke solution to the satisfaction of our client, whilst keeping within time and budget constraints.

Such has been the success of this project that it has resulted in a repeat order for the same site and, through word of mouth, has led to a further order from another client for supply and install as part of the Cross Rail project.

Whilst there are barriers in the market place, our solution is different to the ones we have seen and works effectively and reliably.

If you are serious about security and are looking for innovative solutions please get in touch.

Large Electric Strike order

We have secured another repeat order for 400 electric releases from a long standing customer.

The original brief from the client was to develop a stronger, more reliable product than the one they had been using for their night mortice dead locks.

After meeting with the client, we based the new design around our 903 release which has proven itself in the field for over 35 years. The new product was tested against the client’s old product and was found to have at least three times the holding strength which more than matched the client’s expectations.

This again demonstrates our ability to produce a bespoke solution that meets all of the security requirements of the client, while keeping within their budgetary constraints.

If you take security seriously, you will be delighted with our products.

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