Eagle Automation have acquired the exclusive IP rights to the Clarke Instruments range of turnstiles

Eagle Automation have acquired the exclusive IP rights to the Clarke Instruments range of turnstiles

Eagle Automation are pleased to announce that we have acquired the exclusive IP rights to the Clarke Instruments range of turnstiles. The product range consist of single and double turnstiles at SR1, SR2, SR3 and SR4. Clarke Instruments had built a reputation of manufacturing high quality robust turnstiles that were industry proven. Eagle will continue to manufacture and supply to the same high standards and develop the range to complement existing products and systems.

Clarke Instruments launch new range of security rated turnstiles at the international security Expo

We will be exhibiting at the UK Security Expo 28th to 29th November stand No: K82 and will be promoting the recently accredited security turnstiles in addition to other quality products.



We at Clarke Instruments are extremely pleased to build on our reputation for delivering robust reliable long-lived products in the area of control of access.

We are excited to announce the introduction of a completely new range of turnstiles aimed at the secure facilities market.

Our 1491 range of turnstiles have been fully approved tested and accredited by BRE.




Our product range consist of single and double turnstiles at SR1, SR2 and SR3

We are the only company at present to have turnstiles tested and meeting the latest stringent LPCA approval to LPS1175: Issue 7 for varying forcible attack ratings  





The single turnstiles have a range of rotor options available while the double versions are only available with straight bar rotors.

We decided to include the double turnstiles up to SR3. This design allows 2 walkways in a single standard fence panel thus saving both time and money on the products and cost of installation.



The SR4 model has a hooped paddle bar rotor.

With an SR4 turnstile available in a single style only.

We also have a turnstile that has passed this stringent testing process for SR5. This has not however been documented for accreditation purposes.

Being an agile UK manufacturing company, we are equally happy to provide standard products or work with you to come up with the solution you need.

We can offer a supply only or supply and install service. We can also offer full maintenance and repair contracts if required.


Please feel free to come along to the show to find out more about how we at Clarke Instruments can solve you control of Access requirements. STAND No: K82

Full details of our standard products can be found at www.clarke-inst.com

World Leading Pharmaceutical Company chooses Clarke Instruments again

Following on from the success of the last project, we were called in to help resolve issues at another facility.

The Company’s premises backed onto public access land: the requirement was for a secure turnstile enabling staff to access the land whilst preventing the public from gaining access to the site.

After in depth meetings to discuss the client’s requirements it was decided to use our 480B-200 turnstile. This was slightly modified to reduce gaps in the rotor arms.  It was also a customer requirement for a large specially designed rain cover to be fitted, with a light sensor to switch on down lights during the darker mornings and evenings in winter.

Once the design was agreed and orders signed it was a quick and seamless journey to manufacture the turnstiles and ancillary equipment.

This was a supply and install contract. One of the key criteria being the work needed to be carried out over two weekends. It was imperative that on the first weekend both existing entry points were removed and one of the turnstiles be up and running for the Monday morning. The 2nd entry point needed a lot of civil works done to facilitate the installation of the 2nd turnstile. Our installation department liaised with the project manager to ascertain a time scale for when the required civils works would be completed to enable us to get on site to carry out the installation of the 2nd turnstile as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Some of the key reasons for choosing Clarke Instruments were:

  • Project management: our flexibility and willingness to work with the client to interpret his needs.
  • A cost effective solution.
  • The Proven Robustness Quality and longevity of the Clarke Instruments Product.
  • The flexibility of the control board supplied with the Clarke Instruments product facilitating the seamless integration of the client’s chosen access control readers.
  • The fire safety relay: this was linked directly into the client’s safety systems.
  • The ability to set up the turnstile to fail lock for entry but remain fail open for exit in emergency situations.

We look forward to working with this world leading company again in the near future.

For further details of our products and services please ring Paul Kennedy on 01722 323451 or contact paul@clarke-inst.com.

Clarke Instruments Ltd responds quickly and saves the day

In the lead up to Christmas, we received an urgent call for assistance from an existing customer who was struggling to complete a project on time.

Their existing contractor had failed to meet delivery deadlines and now our customer, a private security firm, was facing possible financial penalties if the project overran.

We were contacted late on Thursday evening and , after a full discussion regarding their situation, our client decided that our best-selling 480B-200 turnstile would satisfy their project specification.

The order was placed and processed. Delivery of the turnstile to site using a HYAB vehicle was arranged for first thing the following Monday morning. The turnstile was installed and fully operational by mid-day

We hope that our flexible approach to resolving problems at such short notice enabled our client to relax and enjoy the festive season, while also securing a promise to use our services again (hopefully with a bit more notice next time!).

If you need standard or bespoke products let us help you with the solution.

For more information on our products and services send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451 to discuss your requirements further.

Major Oil Refinery Chooses Clarke Instruments Ltd

A major oil refinery has again turned to us to enhance and extend its perimeter security and access control requirements.

Already a long-term customer, when additional turnstiles were required, we were the natural choice for a turnkey solution.We were asked to supply and install two 480A-209 double fence line turnstiles and one 480B-200 single fence line turnstile (a total of five extra walkways) with additional work to relocate existing turnstiles to complete the security requirements of their re-modelled perimeter.

Having had no issues with the existing turnstiles, which have been on this exposed site for many years, it was a logical decision to carry on using the same long lived robust reliable products to meet additional requirements at the site.


We at Clarke Instruments have a reputation for designing and manufacturing robust well engineered long lived reliable products.

It has been found on many occasions that properly maintained quality products, which have been built to last, save money in the long term. The inbuilt reliability of our turnstiles, when properly maintained and installed, reduces the need and inconvenience of unscheduled maintenance visits and charges.

If you need standard or client specific products let us help you with the solution.

For more information on our products and services send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451 to discuss your requirements further.

Solar Powered Turnstile on show at Traffex 2017

Clarke Instruments in collaboration with Solar & Electric Gates Ltd have developed a Solar Powered Turnstile. The engineers from both companies have worked closely together to develop the new design based around:-

  • Clarke Instruments Ltd robust 480B economy fence-line turnstile.
  • Solar & Electric Gates Ltd solar panels.
  • Paxton proximity cards.

The integrated solution has many benefits and can handle up to 5,000 users.

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Staff update

In December we said goodbye to Alan Knotts, who retired from the company after 15 years of faithful service. We saw him again at the annual staff skittles evening in January. A good time was had by all.

In February we welcomed two new members of staff:
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