Clarke Instruments for the control of access

As a direct result of further enhancements, we have completed an order for four 493A-205 D/B Double Airlock Bi-Directional Turnstiles required by a major construction site services provider. These products have been developed and enhanced over many years as our business relationship with the construction industry has evolved and are fundamental to the control of access on many sites.

These state of the art turnstiles are available in single or double formats and can be supplied with integral tread plates, allowing easy relocation using Hi-ab or crane. They are also available on metal pallets, allowing easy relocation using fork lift trucks.

The product is exceedingly robust and is well suited to the construction industry environment. In consultation with the customer the access control has been developed to include facial recognition and numerical key pads working with activity logging software to provide accurate records of site attendance. The airlock feature makes it impossible for unauthorised people to enter the site. With separate tool box hatches, this turnstile is ideal for the construction industry. The roller shutter option allows the turnstile to be locked off securely when access to the site is not required. In case of fire the turnstile can be put into free wheel to allow rapid evacuation.

This long-term relationship has developed out of mutual trust and respect and we look forward to it continuing for many years to come.

If you need standard or client specific products let us help you provide the solution.

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