Export order won

Clarke instruments has just completed an export order for its world renowned custodial releases.

Working closely with our client the 9842 releases were used in the door sets for a major middle eastern development. This is a 12Vdc fail lock device with sensing

The brief from the end user was simple. They wanted:

The strongest

Most Reliable

Long lived

Proven product available.

The 984 range of releases can withstand up to 1900Kn of force and has a well-established track record, having been in service for over 30 years, with some of the original locks still in operation.

For full details of this device please follow the link to the 984 product page.

All our releases are built to the same exacting standards and offer great value for money considering the strength and reliability they give.

For more information on our products and services send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451 to discuss your requirements further.

Being a lean UK manufacturing company we are equally happy to supply standard products or work with you to develop a product to meet your exact requirements

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