Fruit importer chooses Clarke Instruments

One of Europe’s largest fruit importers and distributors, based north of London, have chosen us to upgrade their site security


The company was looking for two levels of security.

The General access control for employees using the main entrance was catered for with two of our best selling 480B-200 fence line turnstiles. These allow quick easy access for staff with the appropriate authorisation while also enabling their location (on/off site) to be monitored at all times.





A higher level of security was needed for a second, more sensitive, site location that required staff to have a higher level of authorisation. For this access point our client chose the more secure and robust 474B-202 turnstile.



Commonality of parts across the Clarke Instruments Ltd range of turnstiles enabled the seamless integration of access control systems into the two types of turnstile, giving the company the necessary confidence and information required to know the whereabouts of staff and visitors.

Although security requirements prevent the use of some turnstiles as fire exits, fire security relays are fitted as standard in all other Clarke Instruments turnstiles. The 480B-200 and 474B-202 turnstiles supplied to the fruit importer have been programmed to go into a safe operating mode on fire alarm activation, assisting with the safe egress of all personnel from the buildings in case of fire.

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