Is Tail Gating a problem for your business?

Clarke Instruments has recently installed another double stainless-steel turnstile in a south coast food manufacturer’s facility.

The customer relies heavily on agency workers to cover peak periods and holiday periods. Although they had access control equipment fitted for monitoring time and attendance and to provide an accurate record of site personnel at any one time, workers had started coming in in groups, one person swiping their card to release the entrance doors for all members of the group to walk through. This posed security and health and safety concerns.

The Company contacted us to discuss possible solutions. A telephone call lead to a site survey and it was decided to remove the entrance doors causing the problem and replace them with a double turnstile. Being a food facility, stainless steel was proposed and this recommendation was accepted by the company. Using their existing access control, the turnstile was configured one walkway for entry and one walk way for exit. In the event of fire or power failure both walkways would free wheel for exit. This was easily accomplished with our standard built in fire alarm relay and a spur from their access control linked to the standard in built auxiliary power supply.

An order was placed for us to supply and install on a strict time schedule of 6 weeks. Due to the limited size of the external entrance the turnstile was delivered in a flat pack format on the agreed date and was erected and commissioned on the same day.

We are immensely proud of our reputation of supplying robust reliable long-lived products at very realistic prices.

If you take security seriously come and discuss your requirements with us. You won’t be disappointed. Full details of all our products are available here.

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