863 Gate Drive for Swing Gates

Project Description

The Type 862 and 863 Gate Drives for Swing Gates

These gate drives are used by prisons, diplomatic and royal premises and control entry to industrial premises throughout the UK and overseas. Non standard versions are available to suit extreme climates.

Compatible with most forms of electronic control including card readers, audioporter, proximity readers and ground loop controllers for auto-exit or inhibit re-close. Remote control from reception/guardroom can be supplied via open/close/stop control switching with status sensing indication.

Generally speaking, the 863 is used on large gates for high usage sites or gates which have a high wind resistance, i.e. palisade or solid gates. The 862 automates the average gate with vertical infill bars (typical size 2m high x 3m wide). Single gates requiring a higher level of security should use the 523 gatelock in addition to this gatedrive.

Note: Gate drives are normally fitted on the secure side with inward opening swing gates.

Technical Specifications

Type 862
Medium Duty Gate Drive
Type 863
Heavy Duty Gate Drive
Finish Powder coat black as standard Powder coat black as standard
Protection Weather Resistant- Temperate climate Weather Resistant- Temperate climate
Electrical Supply Input 240v AC Mains 10 AMP 240v AC Mains 10 AMP
Motor 3 phase 370 watts
2.4A running current
5A stall current
3 phase 370 watts
2.4A running current
5A stall current
Control voltage from in-built transformer 12v DC unregulated 12v DC unregulated
Operating time 10-15 seconds 14 seconds programmable
Recommended plinth size 1200 x 800mm
300mm minimum depth
1200 x 800mm
300mm minimum depth
Cable entry recommended Yes Yes
Manual override Yes Yes


  • Safety edges
  • Ground loops
  • Flashing lights
  • Sounders

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Civil layout
Standard length arms

Civil layout
Double length arms

Project Details

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