870 Gate Drives – Light/Medium Swing Gates

Project Description

The Type 870 Gate Drives for light/medium industrial swing gates are compatible with most forms of electronic control including card readers, audio-porter, proximity reader and ground loop controllers for auto-exit or inhibit re-close. Remote control from reception/guardroom can be supplied via open/close/stop control switching with status sensing indication.

Note: Gate-drives are normally fitted on the secure side with inward opening swing gates. Site surveys are recommended to ensure correct application.


  • Surface mounted for ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Provides in-line locking when closed.
  • High usage.
  • Robust reliability.
  • Medium duty gate drives suitable for medium to large swing gates
  • Electro mechanical operation
  • Heavy duty motors with gear box, 100% duty cycle
  • Programmable opening closing speed (Dependant on the size of the gate)
  • Manual over-ride via removal of a padlock
  • Sensing outputs for interlocking gates
  • Operates from most access control systems
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK for high security applications.
  • Installation service available

Technical Specifications

Finish Powder coated black as standard
Protection Weather Resistant- Temperate climate
Electrical Supply Input 240v AC Single Phase 13 AMP
Motor 3 phase via a a programmable motor controller
Control voltage 12-16v DC unregulated from built-in transformer
Operating time 10-15 seconds – adjustable dependent on site conditions
Timer Control Range 6-30 seconds – adjustable dependent on site conditions
Manual override As standard

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Double gates
Standard arms

Double gates
Double length arms

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Project Details

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