Bespoke & Tailored Solutions.

Below is a handful of examples of Clarke Instruments working to meet the specific requirements of clients requiring a tailored solutions.

We are happy to innovate.


Innovative new barrier for tailored solution

We were contacted by a major steel manufacturer who commissioned us to design an innovative road barrier. Innovation was required as the barrier was to be installed in a location where there were height restrictions and the dimensions of the area meant a conventional barrier was unsuitable.

Our client requested a cranked arm barrier which folded to the side to maximise headroom in a confined space. Added to this, the barrier had to be fitted under a crane gantry.

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image of solar powered turnstileSolar Powered Turnstile

We were asked to develop a solar powered solution for rapid deployment and access control for construction sites and for projects needing secure access but where the power to the entrance was not available.

We were pleased to develop an integrated solution including a fence line turnstile powered by solar panels and using proximity cards.

You can read more about this tailored solution on this page.