Solar Powered Turnstile at Traffex April 2017

We launched our new concept solar powered turnstile at the Traffex Exhibition at the NEC Birmingham earlier this month and would like to thank all those who attended the exhibition and showed a keen interest in our innovative new product.


The type 480B-SOLAR (shown above) generated great interest from both UK and potential overseas customers and we were extremely happy with the enquiries we received.

We believe an opportunity exists for a product providing secure access that can be rapidly deployed and does not require expensive infrastructure costs associated with laying concrete plinths and running mains and data cables.

The 480B-SOLAR is ideal for: –

  • Temporary construction sites
  • Permanent construction sites where access may need to be relocated quickly
  • Emergency security
  • Outdoor events such as festivals
  • Isolated or remote sites

Full details of the solar powered turnstile can be found here.

Please contact Paul Kennedy at or telephone 01722 323451 for further information.

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