Sustainable cycle gates for a green future by Clarke Instruments Ltd

One of the UKs major convenience food suppliers turned to Clarke Instruments Ltd to help support its green initiative programme

Our customer’s goal was to support and encourage the cycle to work schemes while maintaining safety and security at its Hull based facility. Ground loops at the main vehicle entrance could not detect bicycles, causing difficulties for cyclists, who could not use the ground loop for exit facility. Neither could they benefit from ground loop inhibits: an unacceptable safety risk. The customer needed another solution.

Clarke Instruments solved the dilemma with their well-established 481-200 cycle turnstile. This product incorporates a standard bi-directional pedestrian turnstile coupled with a bi-directional motorised cycle gate which works in conjunction with the turnstile.

An authorized person will approach and release the turnstile with their standard access control. Then if they have a bicycle they can release the cycle gate to progress through with their cycle.

The bi-directional cycle gate (which is motorised) cannot be operated without the turnstile being authorized.

The turnstile can be factory configured to fail open or fail locked in either direction. It also includes safety features such as a fire alarm interface which can be used for free wheel exit (and/ or entry) in case of fire. Safety photo cells on both sides will stop the cycle gate if a beam is broken.

This solution exceeded the company’s requirements: In addition they were suitably impressed with the sustainability of the product. They were able to substantiate this by visiting an existing installation in the area, which had been well maintained by our service engineers and had been in operation for over ten years.

Pre- Galvanising of the 481-200 exposed frames prior to powder coating increases the life expectancy of the unit to between ten and fifteen years, longer after a mid-life refurbishment.

If you are looking to encourage green transport to work schemes and are worried about security let us alleviate your concerns. Full details of all our products are available here.

For more information on our products and services send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451 to discuss your requirements further.

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