Major food preparation supplier chooses Clarke Instruments.

We at Clarke Instruments have been working with a major food preparation company based in the West Country. They decided to re-evaluate their perimeter security.

They were having tail gating problems and with their peak period, Christmas, looming and the consequent heavy reliance on temporary and agency staff they felt a need to do something to improve perimeter security.

After initial discussions and a site survey they decided on the ever popular and rugged 480A-209 double turnstile. This could be used effectively to establish tighter controls on entering and exiting the site. The turnstile which is bi-directional on both walkways in normal operation was ideal, given the volume of people entering and exiting. The Customer also took advantage of the built-in fire alarm relay and auxiliary power supply to power their own bio-metric controls.

As this is one of our most popular products we were able to supply from stock so from order to delivery and installation was complete in under 2 weeks.

Another satisfied customer and a promise to use us in future developments.

If you need standard or bespoke products let us help you with the solution.

For more information on our products and services send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451 to discuss your requirements further.

Global health care company chooses Clarke Instruments

A health care company has chosen our products to help secure their premises on the outskirts of London.

After in-depth meetings to discuss and agree the design with our client, the products selected were two 480B-200 turnstiles with rain covers and one motorised gate.

The site has two entry points requiring control of access. One required a turnstile only while the other needed a turnstile and a full height automated gate to one side to facilitate disabled access.  Our customer also requested rain covers to be fitted over the turnstiles.

As this was a supply and installation contract our installation department liaised with the client project manager to ensure all necessary ground works were finished prior to the agreed dates for install. This enabled us to complete the site installation quickly and efficiently, to the satisfaction of all parties.

The control board supplied with our products enabled the existing access control equipment to be seamlessly integrated without incurring additional costs. Our built-in fire safety relay was linked in to our client’s safety systems.

The following week our client, who was project managing various works on site, wrote to us saying, “Thanks very much to you and your team for your help with the successful installation of the two turnstiles last week. Our client is very happy.”

Due to the success of this project we have been asked to submit quotes for similar work on other health care sites.

This again demonstrates our ability to design, manufacture and install tailored security solutions for clients in a timely and cost effective manner.

If you take security seriously, you will be delighted with our turnstiles and gates.

Send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451.

A double bonus in the form of two Turnstiles

Feedback Data, a new partner, recently ordered a full height turnstile. This was installed a few weeks ago. This was quickly followed by a repeat order for the same site. The end client is not unfamiliar with Clarke quality turnstiles, having used Clarke products for the past decade. We are pleased with the developing relationship with Feedback Data, which has been nurtured over many years. We are delighted to be working with them, the factory fitting of their access readers to our turnstiles making for an efficient on time installation to the obvious satisfaction of the end customer.

Force Testing

Since the introduction of legislation governing the safe operation of automated gates in 2006, Clarke Instruments Ltd has embraced the requirement to ensure that all new installations as well as installations previously installed are made to comply with that legislation.

To that end we have joined the Door and Hardware Federation and all of our Design, Health & Safety and Service Engineers have completed training for the DHF Diploma and the Came safe Certificate to ensure they are as well trained and aware of the risks and hazards as is possible.

We have ensured that all new installations are tested to prove compliance following a new installation and also during routine servicing of equipment. It is our policy to actively pursue companies to have the safety of their gates improved on every occasion where we believe a risk assessment shows a need for improvement.

All new installations are tested at all recommended points according to BS EN 12453 and the results automatically recorded on the tester for later download. A random sample will be tested during routine servicing to determine that the machinery remains compliant and if not then a full test is carried out and repairs made as required to obtain compliance.

Here are pictures of our engineer completing a force test for an 870 Gate Drive

(Click on images to see larger view)

Upgrade of Gate Drive at local historical property

A local resident recently contacted CIL with regards to an 839 Gate Drive that had been installed to automate the gates on his historic property in the late 1980’s.

The drive unit has never been serviced until it needed an overhaul in 2012. Last year the gate needed replacing having been damaged in extreme weather conditions, and the client chose to upgrade the old gate drive system with the latest model type 870, which like its predecessor, has many years of proven reliability.




CIL and Chubb resolve a security issue

Clarke Instruments Limited has recently completed a project for a long standing customer in Salisbury in conjunction with Chubb UK Limited.

The domestic property was experiencing a nuisance operation of the automated gate call point which was installed and is serviced by CIL. The extent of the nuisance was such that the owners decided to have a security camera installed with digital recording and monitor at the gates.

The new installation would have required an additional control enclosure and a new power supply to be run over a distance of 150 meters until CIL offered to uninstall the existing gate controls, leaving enough room for the new camera equipment to be mounted in the bottom of the enclosure. Another agreeable result of this work is that the customer has also gained a free service of the gate automation equipment.