Export order won

Clarke instruments has just completed an export order for its world renowned custodial releases.

Working closely with our client the 9842 releases were used in the door sets for a major middle eastern development. This is a 12Vdc fail lock device with sensing

The brief from the end user was simple. They wanted:

The strongest

Most Reliable

Long lived

Proven product available.

The 984 range of releases can withstand up to 1900Kn of force and has a well-established track record, having been in service for over 30 years, with some of the original locks still in operation.

For full details of this device please follow the link to the 984 product page.

All our releases are built to the same exacting standards and offer great value for money considering the strength and reliability they give.

For more information on our products and services send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451 to discuss your requirements further.

Being a lean UK manufacturing company we are equally happy to supply standard products or work with you to develop a product to meet your exact requirements

Scottish Bank Chooses Clarke Instruments to secure their Premises

A major Scottish Banking Group has turned to the Clarke instruments type 474 turnstile to secure their premises, enhancing control and monitoring of staff.

The 474 is a full height turnstile ideally suited to applications where a higher degree of security is needed. The full canopy design inhibits climbing. This is made even more difficult for would be intruders when installed flush in the fence line. If required rotor spikes can be added for additional security.

The turnstile comes with a fully integrated fire alarm relay as standard as well as an auxiliary power supply to drive any access control equipment required.

Normally supplied with a powder coated finish, we have seen increasing demand for stainless steel versions especially where environmental conditions are harsh or an aesthetically pleasing finish is required for an internal application. We at Clarke Instruments are committed to providing robust well engineered products that are both reliable and long lived and at realistic prices: a winning formula!

We are also able to offer a full maintenance package and a supply and install option if desired.

If you take security seriously come and discuss your requirements with us. You won’t be disappointed. Full details of all our products are available at www.clarke-inst.com.

For more information on our products and services send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451 to discuss your requirements further.

Major food preparation supplier chooses Clarke Instruments.

We at Clarke Instruments have been working with a major food preparation company based in the West Country. They decided to re-evaluate their perimeter security.

They were having tail gating problems and with their peak period, Christmas, looming and the consequent heavy reliance on temporary and agency staff they felt a need to do something to improve perimeter security.

After initial discussions and a site survey they decided on the ever popular and rugged 480A-209 double turnstile. This could be used effectively to establish tighter controls on entering and exiting the site. The turnstile which is bi-directional on both walkways in normal operation was ideal, given the volume of people entering and exiting. The Customer also took advantage of the built-in fire alarm relay and auxiliary power supply to power their own bio-metric controls.

As this is one of our most popular products we were able to supply from stock so from order to delivery and installation was complete in under 2 weeks.

Another satisfied customer and a promise to use us in future developments.

If you need standard or bespoke products let us help you with the solution.

For more information on our products and services send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451 to discuss your requirements further.

Clarke Instruments Ltd exhibiting at UK Security Expo, Kensington Olympia, November 2017

We will be showcasing our innovative turnstiles, traditional electric releases, gates, barriers and solenoid bolts at the UK Security Expo at Kensington Olympia on the 29th and 30th November 2017.

We will be unveiling our comprehensive range of security turnstiles (external accreditations pending) which go beyond what is currently available in the market place. For a first viewing, please come and visit us on stand D6. They will be featured alongside our innovative Air Lock Turnstiles, which are used in perimeter security applications and our recently developed cranked arm barrier.

The strength and robustness of all our products, the secure locking which can be achieved with our gate automation equipment and the airlock features on our turnstiles are just some of the characteristics that customers associate with our product range.

We are a family led company established in 1969 and have never strayed from our principles of designing well engineered, robust, reliable products. We are happy supplying standard products or working closely with clients to design and supply tailored solutions to meet their specific requirements, and have a growing reputation for providing cost effective access control and security solutions.

The Security Expo is a key event for us, giving us the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and further enhance our reputation in this field.

Whether you are looking for a simple electric strike or a fully integrated, controlled and secure perimeter access solution, new to the security market or reviewing/upgrading your existing security arrangements, come and discuss your requirements with us on stand D6 and make us your partner of choice. We will be delighted to meet you.

For more information on our products and services send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451 to discuss your requirements further.

Clarke Instruments Ltd exhibiting at the MLA Expo, Telford, October 2017

We will be showcasing our comprehensive range of electric strikes/releases, solenoid bolts and gate locks at the major MLA Expo at The Telford Exhibition Centre on the 6th – 8th October 2017.

We are extremely proud of our reputation for manufacturing high quality, robust products at realistic prices. They have a proven track record of reliability and longevity over many years and it is this winning combination that is driving the increased demand for our products as more and more people start taking security seriously.

Our electric strikes/releases are suitable for mortice dead bolts, night latches, sash locks and rim locks. Options include fail-open or fail-safe, sensed/un-sensed, and 12V DC, 24V DC or exceptionally 50V DC operating voltages. Various faceplates and lead-in ramps are also available.

Our solenoid bolts for light, medium and heavy duty applications are also available with different options (key override, sensing and 12V DC or 24V DC operating voltages) while our gate locks are extremely robust and have been designed for both pedestrian and vehicle gates. At the top end of the range they can with stand up to 4 tons of pressure.

Our customer base includes public sector organisations, financial institutions, blue chip companies and residential property owners.

We also manufacture turnstiles, gates, gate automation equipment and vehicle barriers and are equally happy supplying you with standard products or tailoring solutions to meet your exact requirements.

So, if you take security seriously and plan on attending the Expo, come and talk to us on stand H1.7. We look forward to seeing you there and would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

For more information on our products and services send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451 to discuss your requirements further.

Fruit importer chooses Clarke Instruments

One of Europe’s largest fruit importers and distributors, based north of London, have chosen us to upgrade their site security


The company was looking for two levels of security.

The General access control for employees using the main entrance was catered for with two of our best selling 480B-200 fence line turnstiles. These allow quick easy access for staff with the appropriate authorisation while also enabling their location (on/off site) to be monitored at all times.





A higher level of security was needed for a second, more sensitive, site location that required staff to have a higher level of authorisation. For this access point our client chose the more secure and robust 474B-202 turnstile.



Commonality of parts across the Clarke Instruments Ltd range of turnstiles enabled the seamless integration of access control systems into the two types of turnstile, giving the company the necessary confidence and information required to know the whereabouts of staff and visitors.

Although security requirements prevent the use of some turnstiles as fire exits, fire security relays are fitted as standard in all other Clarke Instruments turnstiles. The 480B-200 and 474B-202 turnstiles supplied to the fruit importer have been programmed to go into a safe operating mode on fire alarm activation, assisting with the safe egress of all personnel from the buildings in case of fire.

For more information on our products and services send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451 to discuss your requirements further.

Global health care company chooses Clarke Instruments

A health care company has chosen our products to help secure their premises on the outskirts of London.

After in-depth meetings to discuss and agree the design with our client, the products selected were two 480B-200 turnstiles with rain covers and one motorised gate.

The site has two entry points requiring control of access. One required a turnstile only while the other needed a turnstile and a full height automated gate to one side to facilitate disabled access.  Our customer also requested rain covers to be fitted over the turnstiles.

As this was a supply and installation contract our installation department liaised with the client project manager to ensure all necessary ground works were finished prior to the agreed dates for install. This enabled us to complete the site installation quickly and efficiently, to the satisfaction of all parties.

The control board supplied with our products enabled the existing access control equipment to be seamlessly integrated without incurring additional costs. Our built-in fire safety relay was linked in to our client’s safety systems.

The following week our client, who was project managing various works on site, wrote to us saying, “Thanks very much to you and your team for your help with the successful installation of the two turnstiles last week. Our client is very happy.”

Due to the success of this project we have been asked to submit quotes for similar work on other health care sites.

This again demonstrates our ability to design, manufacture and install tailored security solutions for clients in a timely and cost effective manner.

If you take security seriously, you will be delighted with our turnstiles and gates.

Send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451.

Customers are taking security seriously

Over the past 6 months we have noticed a steady increase in enquiries and orders for electric locking requirements and solutions.  The impression we get from discussions with our customers is that they appear to have a greater awareness of the differences in quality between our products and others that are available in the market place.

Our range of electric releases, solenoid bolts and gate locks are very highly regarded within the industry and have  a  reputation for design, robustness and longevity. For the quality of product on offer, our prices are extremely competitive with entry level products like the 913 for mortice night latches starting at just £135.

Our products are compatible  with most leading suppliers of locks for dead bolts, night latches and rim locks, all of which can withstand strengths from around 500Kg up to 2,000Kg.

We also offer a comprehensive compatibility chart on our website together with sizing detail forms (your lock and your door) that can be completed and emailed back to us if more information is required.

Most of our products are available from stock or can be manufactured with very short lead times. They can be purchased directly from us – payment can be made by bank transfer or most debit/credit cards. We  are also happy to offer credit facilities subject to the usual checks.

If you are worried about the security of your assets, you will be delighted with the quality of our products.

Send us an E mail or ring 01722 323451 to discuss your requirements further.