A Modern Bespoke Solution For An Old University Building

From time to time we meet with prospective clients who wish to ‘borrow’ one or more strikes from our range, often with a particular project in mind.

One such meeting eventually resulted in our 9601 strikes recently being fitted in an old University building. The rooms in question were full of shelves, stacked high with old books, evoking an ambience of a bygone age. The wooden doors and frames were not uniform and access control could not be maintained with ‘off the shelf’ products.

The 9601 strike is specifically designed for wooden door frames and each strike was fitted with individually manufactured lead-in plates of different lengths, machined from solid brass. This meant, once again, that we were able to meet our client’s specification while being able to provide a quality bespoke solution to an access control issue.

The pictures below show the individual strikes with lead-in plates ranging in size from 10mm-85mm.

Another Happy Customer

Well established British lock manufacturer Bramah Locks returned to us for another bespoke solution – this time for a well-known retailer in the City. As Jeremy Bramah said “I have ordered many products from Clarke’s over the years but the last time I ordered a bespoke solenoid bolt was 15 years ago and I have never had to return to the site since the date of installation.” This gave him every confidence that  we would be able to deliver another quality product to once again meet the stringent quality brief he had been given for his latest project.

Flying Turnstile in London!

A rare sight, a Clarke Instruments Turnstile flying across Kensington High Street, London.  The turnstile has been used on a construction site for many years and was moved to a new site with a crane.  Another CIL product showing sustainability and a head for heights!

Yet another example of CIL quality!

We were recently contacted by the on-site maintenance engineer of a foreign Embassy in London who reported that a door, fitted with one of our 964 releases, would not unlock. He stated that the lock had never previously failed in the 15 years he had worked there, and our records showed that the lock was actually purchased in the mid 1980’s!

Although we discussed replacing the existing lock, it has subsequently been removed from the door, cleaned and refitted and in the words of the engineer, “it is now working fine again – thank you”. It seems it just needed a bit of TLC!

We can’t think of a better advert for the quality, reliability and longevity of our products – British design and manufacturing at its best!

embassy lock

CIL and Chubb resolve a security issue

Clarke Instruments Limited has recently completed a project for a long standing customer in Salisbury in conjunction with Chubb UK Limited.

The domestic property was experiencing a nuisance operation of the automated gate call point which was installed and is serviced by CIL. The extent of the nuisance was such that the owners decided to have a security camera installed with digital recording and monitor at the gates.

The new installation would have required an additional control enclosure and a new power supply to be run over a distance of 150 meters until CIL offered to uninstall the existing gate controls, leaving enough room for the new camera equipment to be mounted in the bottom of the enclosure. Another agreeable result of this work is that the customer has also gained a free service of the gate automation equipment.