Turnstiles offering greater security for Scotland

Clarke Instruments working in partnership with Alternative Systems Protection, have just completed phase two of a project for a very prestigious client in Scotland.

The requirement was for turnstiles, pedestrian gates and infill panels offering a higher level of security than the basic models coupled with strict control of access. The solution had to be tailored to fit an existing aperture in the fence-line.

An existing product was modified to reduce the gap between rotor blades to meet the enhanced security requirements, whilst increasing both the height and width of the standard turnstile and pedestrian gate. In addition rotor spikes were required to meet anti-climb requirements. The result was an integrated solution specific to the needs of the client.

The overall height of the turnstile was increased to 2.4 metres whilst maintaining the strength and integrity of the product. The gate had both increased height and width which enabled a clear opening of 1.2 metres.

Due to the harsh nature of the environment in which the equipment was to be located, the decision was made to produce the turnstiles, gate and infills in a high grade stainless steel.

Our engineers worked closely with the customer at all times making certain we interpreted their needs correctly. This enabled us to ensure the project was completed on time and within the agreed budget.

We at Clarke Instruments are happy with our reputation for designing and supplying both standard and custom solutions to meet customer specific secure access requirements. All our products are designed to give robust long life performance at realistic prices.

If we can assist you in any of your secure access requirements, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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